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Create static and dynamic website

Create a simple website using Html with CSS or advance website using all available tools. Check out my blog to see the difference between static and dynamic website.

Install WordPress, plugins, themes

WordPress is the most popular blogging, open source and free content management system, so why not use it. Plenty of free themes and plugins are just a click away.

Customize a theme or create new

Need changes on your existing website, or perhaps add something new, no problem, I can also create a new theme.

Responsive, mobile and tablet ready

Nowadays most people come to your website from a mobile device, is your website ready for it? Of course, I can turn your existing website into responsive too.

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To get some idea what website you want me to create for you, go to my blog

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Dоеѕ Yоur Wеbѕіtе Have a Cаll Tо Aсtіоn? Sо whаt rеаllу is a call to асtіоn? Cаll tо асtіоn іѕ just a ѕіmрlе statement thаt gives іnѕtruсtіоnѕ to the users оn the ѕtерѕ that thеу are…

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I am Rosco

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About Me

Rostislav Valouch is a freelancer and web designer from the Czech Republic and currently lives in the Republic of Ireland.

This company realizes how important it is for people to do business with ease, regardless of where you live or work, whether you’re working remotely or shopping online. It is therefore in furtherance of this goal that the company was set up with one goal in mind: “To Create Static and Dynamic Websites”. This will enable you to showcase your goods and services to millions of internet users worldwide. Although with a very humble beginning, it has been two years since the conception of this great idea and we’re still growing. Our aim is to showcase your business to the entire world and to put your goods, services and brand names on the fingertips of your prospective buyers.

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Why Me

I am a diligent developer, and I strive to achieve my goals which only the best can do. I develop and update the websites I have developed time to time to ensure efficiency when users are using it.

I Create websites, I can help to choose the right domain and web hosting, install WordPress, install plugins, install themes, customize themes, help with settings and more. Fix or change your existing website, change from non-responsive to a responsive website.

After designing your suitable website, it is necessary to get it out there by showcasing your work. There are a variety of ways to try to do this, however, first and foremost it is important to get a good developer. Rosco FreelanceDoer Website Development doesn't only flaunt and sells your work, I can also be somebody who inspires you and more thus, I will provide you with feedback on the functions of the site from page to page and the way it looks. I will play both a creative and technical role. For all this, you'll surely get the best from Rosco FreelanceDoer Website Development.

To get the best out of a Website set up, Rosco FreelanceDoer Website Development is available to give you the best. Give me a trial and get a positive change in your services.

A trial will surely convince you!!!

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